What do law firm wellness programs and broccoli have in common?

When my kids were small, our pediatrician told me that I should keep putting vegetables on their plates every night and eventually they might eat that broccoli that languished on dinner plates looking sad and rejected.

My clients and former colleagues tell me that sometimes their law firm wellness efforts are met with a tepid response.

If your law firm wellness program struggles with lackluster participation – you are not alone. This is where I close the loop on the broccoli analogy. Law firm wellness programs are the broccoli on the plate. In order to change firm wellness culture, individual habits, and participation rates, we have to keep offering wellness programs, continue to reinforce wellness education and training opportunities, provide healthy choices, and generally continue to put wellness on everyone’s plate.

Changing wellness habits requires patient repetition. The trick is to allow folks to get used to new concepts, ideas, and allow them to form new habits.

Research clearly shows that you can train your brain to form healthy habits - like practicing mindfulness, and exercising, or drinking water instead of soda. The key is to keep repeating those new activities until they are second nature.

This research confirms earlier studies on “habit-formation” that showed that repetition is key.

So, be patient with attorneys, employees and with your wellness program. Your law firm’s wellness culture as well as your personal habits have been established over decades. It will take time and perseverance to establish positive change. Continue to offer those positive alternatives, with your eye on the long game.