Part 3: Implement Your Well-Being Program

Now that you have a well-organized plan, you are ready to take your plan to your attorneys and staff. As you launch your program, make sure you can answer YES to the following questions.

1. Does your plan have a champion?

Well-being programs, like most business initiatives, are more successful when firm leaders are involved and supportive. This means active support, not just financial support. Management participation and personal stories are great ways of connecting and encouraging participation.

2. Is it easy to participate?

Think carefully about the things that will encourage, not discourage, participation. For example, if your plan includes a physical activity goal, make it easy for folks to join in. This might include simple things like encouraging attorneys and staff to take the stairs by clearly marking signs, modeling behavior, creating firm events that include walking or other physical activity, building a small gym in your office, creating a quick and easy sign-up for any fitness or education programs.

You might also consider incorporating meaningful incentives in your program. Meaningful incentives encourage long term behavioral changes instead of short-term competitions. Think about things like an office-sponsored loaner bike program, healthy snacks and drinks, participation-based underwriting of meditation apps like Headspace or Calm.

3. Is your plan housed in one place?

Release a comprehensive plan, explaining every program that your firm offers. Use your inventory of existing programs, any new programs, and any programs that are available from outside resources like your benefits provider or the state bar’s lawyer assistance program. All of the information should be in one place, so that attorneys and staff can easily and repeatedly access the information. Ideally, the information should be located on a firm-wide portal, intra-net, or app.

4. Do you have an ongoing marketing strategy?

Ongoing marketing is often the hardest element for law firms to embrace. Increased participation requires constantly reminding attorneys and staff about the programs that are offered. Education programs can also help encourage new interest when those programs are engaging or informative. In addition to e-mail, calendar entries, and visual advertising, social media groups are a great way to spread the word about firm programs.

Good luck!

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