5 Time-Saving Wellness Tips & Trends

This post contains my top five wellness tips and trends for folks who want to integrate fitness and wellness into an already busy day.


1. Build Exercise Into Your Day

· take stairs

· walk/bike to/from work or public transportation

· utilize a standing or walking desk

2. Plan ahead for success

· plan and prep meals and healthy snacks ahead of time

· Utilize comprehensive wellness tracking apps like 8fit or recipe apps like Yummly, Blue Apron (no food subscription necessary) Food Network, & Deliciously Ella

(vegetarian) to help you pick recipes, shop, and plan healthy meals ahead of time.

3. Adjust Your work space and posture.

· Sit with shoulders over hips and knees over ankles, creating right angles

· Adjust your screen so that it is an arm’s distance away from you to minimize strain on neck and eyes (adjust the font so that you can comfortably read your screen from this distance)

4. Take advantage of free resources

· Participate in employer-sponsored wellness programs (yoga, walking groups, summer leagues)

· Take advantage of free or reduced-fee activities provided by your city or county

· Online fitness or meditation classes

5. Get enough sleep & better sleep.

· Consider tracking your sleep cycle throughout the night using an app like “Sleep Cycle” or go old-school and record when you go to sleep and wake up.

· Get rid of environmental factors that interfere with sleep, like ambient light and most technology.


1. At Home Fitness 2.0. This is a new age of "at home" fitness. There are options to fit every budget, from pricey and popular Pelaton bikes, to apps with live-streamed classes.

· FIIT.TV* (on-demand fitness classes - with an integrated heart rate monitor)

· Aaptiv * (more on-demand fitness

· Yoga Glo* (on-demand yoga app with great instructors and variety)

· Pelaton (brings the spin studio home, but is expensive)

2. Live Fitness on-Demand. Apps like "Classpass" allow you to easily reserve gym time or drop in at different studios at home or while you travel.

· Classpass* one easy sign up and you can drop into hundreds of different classes in your neighborhood or when you travel.

3. Mind Body Fitness. Workouts that integrate mindfulness and meditation are becoming more prevalent and popular.

· Nike partners with meditation app Headspace for to offer mindful audio-guided runs

· Barre3 also partners with meditation app Headspace and integrates breathing exercises and meditation into classes.

4. Direct to Consumer brands. Brands that sell and market their products online and ship directly to consumers. Outdoor Voices for fitness and activewear, and Allbirds for active footwear are uber popular.

5. Unplugging from the digital world. If 2018 was the year of the apple watch and fitness tracker, 2019 is about taking a break from metrics and integrating mindfulness into your fitness routine. We are seeing a variety of apps and tools that help us monitor our use of social media and allowing set times to disengage with technology.