4 Keys to a Successful Attorney Well-Being Plan - Part 4, Meaningful Evaluation

Part 4: Meaningful Evaluation

As you launch (or re-launch) your wellness program, be sure to build in tools to evaluate whether you are making progress towards your goals.

1. Automate registration and attendance. Consider automating registration for easy data collection and evaluation. There is nothing inherently wrong with email or paper tracking, but it is much more time consuming to go back and aggregate that information to give you a clear picture of how things are going.

An automated registration process also allows you to collect more information about participant demographics (are attorneys participating or not, for example?) – by building those questions into the registration.

An automated process is also easier for participants, as registration and any waivers can be signed electronically.

2. Use sophisticated survey tools. Your firm probably already uses a sophisticated survey process or consultant for aggregating client experience feedback. Using that same type of system for wellness programming should be cost efficient and allows you to gain a meaningful understanding of the types of programming and support that your attorneys and staff want and need.

3. Review and Re-evaluate your goals on an annual basis. Using the data you have collected, consider whether you are making progress towards your goals and make adjustments as necessary.

When you put these evaluative processes in place at the outset, you will be in a wonderful position to assess future needs, participant satisfaction, and make adaptations immediately and long into the future.