10 Wellness Event Ideas for Your Summer Program

Updated: Jan 22

The busy summer associate season is a great time to boost your firm’s wellness offerings! Below are some of my favorite ways to incorporate wellness into your summer program.

1. Set up a wellness/relaxation room. This can be temporary or permanent, and need not be fancy – just a place where attorneys and staff can go for a few minutes of quiet time, deep breathing, or other activities. An unused interior office space, conference room or old library space is perfect. Make sure that the space has comfortable seating, dim lighting, access to mindfulness resources, and is free of technology.

2. Grab n’go Mentor/Mentee Lunch. Make it easy for mentor/pairs to take their lunch on the road, or for a walk, by providing healthy brownbag lunches one day a week.

3. Kombucha or Pressed Juice Mocktail Hour. Set up a tasting room with locally brewed kombucha and/or fresh pressed juice as an alternative or in addition to alcoholic drinks.

4. Rooftop Yoga or Fitness. If your firm has a rooftop patio, get your summer crew outside in the fresh air for yoga or boot-camp.

5. Scavenger Hunt. A scavenger hunt is a great way to get out of the office and into the outdoors AND involve those that my not feel comfortable participating in more vigorous fitness activities.

6. Art class. Not all wellness events have to be fitness focused. Activities that promote a mind body connection like painting or pottery are also great for the brain and stress reduction.

7. 5k training team and race. If your firm participates in the Lawyers Have Heart 5k, or any other local race, form a team or several and build some wellness events around the race! Publish a training plan for new runners, create a social media group, or offer a yoga class geared towards runners. Let the summer associates captain the teams!

8. Moderated well-being group. Create an affinity group focused on well-being. If your head of PD is an experienced coach, allow them to lead the group through some thoughtful discussions and activities. This is also a great way to understand what wellness topics matter to your attorneys and staff.

9. In-depth Workshops. Move beyond introducing wellness topics and provide in-depth training and workshops on popular wellness topics like mindfulness and meditation.

10. Have fun!