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Kids Mindfulness Workshop
Course Objectives
Course Components
​1. Reading & Videos. For each day there will be reading, visual aids and videos that are covered in class.  
2. Practice.
3. Additional Resources. 

Day 1

Anatomy of Mindfulness & Awareness

Day 1 Outline of topics/Reading & Video resources


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness really has to do with which part of your brain is in control.

How and why does it work?

The anatomy of fear

How does the fear response work in our bodies?


Read: Angry Octopus, Lori Lite


Let's Practice Together - intro to guided meditation

Additional Resources


Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents), Eline Snell (there is also an app featuring some of the exercises)


Alphabreaths ABCs of Mindful Breathing, Christopher Willard PsyD

Day 2

Biology of Breathing

Day 2 Outline of topics/Reading & Video resources


How does breathing affect the brain?

Understanding the stress response.  Harvard Health Newsletter 2011

Breathing to beat stress


Noticing our breath

Activity: blowing bubbles, Hoberman sphere exercise

Let's Practice Together - breathing meditation

Additional Resources

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Day 3

Dealing with Difficult Emotions


Day 3 Outline of topics/Reading & Video resources


How can mindfulness help with emotional regulation

Mindfulness is not magic.

Separating thoughts from reality

Why noticing our breath and physical cues helps with emotional regulation?


Let's Practice Together - physical and emotional awareness meditation

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Day 4

Practicing Your Skills

Day 4 Outline of topics/Reading & Video resources


Course review

You are not "bad" at meditation

Partner Practice Exercise

Parting thoughts and continuing education.

Give yourself (and others) a break.  Practicing gratitude and compassion towards yourself and others is a fundamental principle of most mindfulness practices.

Activity: Gratitude Tree

Let's Practice Together - kindness meditation

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