Our mission is to help attorneys and employees thrive. We provide our clients with a variety of options designed to integrate healthy practices and stress-reduction into a busy schedule.

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I speak regularly at partnership retreats, affinity group meetings, business development seminars, and state and local bar groups about implementing wellness programs in law firms and the importance of wellness, both personally and professionally.

Potential Topics Includes. Finding Joy in Your Professional Life, The Link Between Well-Being & Job Satisfaction, Making Meaningful Change


I also have a lunchtime speaker series, which begins begins with De-Stress @ Your Desk, a program developed as an intro to stress reduction techniques.  It introduces breathing techniques, mindful movement and mindfulness exercises in a way that is broadly accessible and with an emphasis on the science behind mindfulness and stress reduction.  I recommend resources and discuss how to introduce mindfulness into a busy day.  The last part of the presentation is an exercise where I lead the group through 15-20 minutes of mindfulness exercises. This program has been successful at law firms, corporations, and educational settings. 




My four-part mindfulness workshops delve into mindfulness techniques, and are specifically designed for attorneys.  We will introduce stress reduction techniques, including breathing exercises and meditation, discuss the science behind why these exercises work, and practice together.  This is a practical, evidence-based curriculum with concrete take-aways for incorporating mindfulness into your life. Workshops are delivered live, but can be customized for remote access and on-demand options.


We offer a wide variety of yoga classes, a meditation/yoga combo, meditation, and fitness classes. We also offer mini-classes to accommodate busy schedules. Mats and Props are provided. Significant discounts are given for monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly classes.


Planning and implementing a successful workplace wellness program requires setting goals, establishing an implementation plan, and measuring results.  We help with each of these important pieces of creating a workplace wellness plan that is effective.




“The mindfulness workshop was extremely engaging.  I learned a lot about the science of stress and have incorporated the techniques Tara taught us into my everyday life"

mindfulness workshop participant

"Thank you so much for your awesome workshop and training.  The practical tips and simple practices have been really helpful!

mindfulness workshop participant

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